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Butte College alumni Rigoberto Sanchez re-signs with Colts

Mateo Lawhun, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

Former Butte College football player Rigoberto Sanchez re-signed with the Indianapolis Colts for a 3-year, $7.5M deal. Returning for his seventh season (and beyond) for the Colts. In 2021 Sanchez set...

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Bad Blood

Bad Blood

Saquon Barkley and Tiki Barber Exchange Words
Jackson Hutler, Staff Writer March 13, 2024
Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber had some choice words for Saquon Barkley after Saquon chose to sign with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles.
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Russell Wilson I Am Athlete interview

NFL Offseason News

The 2024 draft class is loaded, and there appear to be quite a few teams that plan to be aggressive with trades.
Jackson Hutler, Staff Writer March 6, 2024

The NFL offseason has spiced up in the past couple of days, with multiple teams making some interesting moves or making some surprising statements that have the fans talking.  For starters, The Denver...

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Jim Bahn, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Will 2024 be the year of the faithful?

With the 49ers just one victory away from the Super Bowl, one question remains, will this finally be their year?
Nathan Azevedo Espindula, Editor-in-Chief January 24, 2024
While some move to Las Vegas looking for success others stay Faithful to the Bay and to those the Bay will forever stay faithful too. This beautiful story of staying faithful through trials and triumphs, while chasing the relentless pursuit of dreams, is what defines the Californian spirit.
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Photo by Lucas Andrade on Unsplash

Purdy’s MVP Chances Gone?

Niners fans shouldn't lose hope.
Jackson Hutler, Staff Writer December 26, 2023

Brock Purdy didn’t have the Christmas game that he intended on having. As he entered the night looking to lock up the MVP award for himself, he threw three interceptions in the first half of Monday’s...

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Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

Opinion: National Football League or No Fun League?

NFL Stealing Money From Players?
Jackson Hutler, Staff Writer November 29, 2023

It’s no secret that football is one of the most physical and dangerous sports in the world. Any football player who decides to make a career out of it knows about the risks that come with the game. So,...

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iHeartRadioCA, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Does Anyone Actually Care?

Jackson Hutler, Staff Writer November 12, 2023

  Isiah Pacheco, the Kansas City Chiefs running back, breaks off a huge 48 yard run to put the Chiefs up by 10 points early in the first quarter against the Jets.  Instead of giving the young...

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Image by FABIENNE HAREL from Pixabay

Can Broncos Country Still Ride?

A team that can't seem to pick a direction eventually must decide--victory or rebuild?
Jackson Hutler, staff writer November 2, 2023

There are a number of teams in the NFL that are clearly just playing for a higher draft pick at this point, such as the Bears, the Cardinals, and the Giants, to name a few.  The Broncos, on the other...

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