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Fake Podcast Snippets on Social Media 

The latest irritation in our digital lives.
Nathan Azevedo Espindula, Editor-in-Cheif November 28, 2023

Designed to mimic real podcasts, fake podcast snippets can be found all over our TikTok and Instagram feeds.  These short clips, designed to look like extracts from real conversations, are, in reality,...

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Out of Tune Ethics: The New Dilemma of Artificial Intelligence in Music

Carlos España, Senior Staff Writer November 18, 2023

We all know that the landscape of the music industry has always been changing, but currently, an intriguing debate has emerged with the advent of artificial intelligence. The coexistence between human...

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Mayan Bloodletting and Piercing Rituals

Alexandra Enos, Head of Print November 12, 2023

Body piercing is insanely popular. Reasons for getting pierce vary from wanting pretty jewelry fixed somewhere on their body to a healing or an identity affirming experience. But how did this practice...

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Bus Diaries

Joseph Cervantez Gonzalez, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

  People say the world is a crazy place and honestly, they’re fucking right! I have been riding the Glenn ride for about eight weeks and god do I hate public transportation. Every time I get...

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Japanese Tattoos

Alexandra Enos, head of print November 9, 2023

Let’s talk about tattoos. There is almost an endless amount of tattoo styles to choose from. Some styles developed a few years ago; others are centuries old and layered with history.  If you’re...

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The Unavoidable Reality of Forever Chemicals

The Unavoidable Reality of Forever Chemicals

Teya Silkman, Staff Writer November 7, 2023

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of man-made chemicals that've been prominent in material production since the 1940s. Often referred to as "forever chemicals," per/polyfluoroalkyl...

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The Magical Reyes Point Lighthouse

Take a trip to one of northern California's greatest hidden gems
Nathan Azevedo Espindula, Editor-in-Chief November 5, 2023

If you're looking for an escape from the 21st-century noise, Point Reyes needs to be added to your bucket list.  As you hit the road, expect the kind of drive that’s Instagram-worthy at every turn....

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My wall, October 2023

Ratchet Walls

The stories told by our rooms
Nathan Azevedo Espindula, Editor-in-Chief October 22, 2023

To the untrained eye, a wall full of posters, photos, and memorabilia held up by push pins may seem chaotic and ratchet. However, for many, it's an artful arrangement of memories, emotions, and personality...

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Why are students moving to Chico?

Chico, a northern California college town less than a half-hour drive from Butte Community College, is buzzing with activity . . .
Justin Stock, guest contributor October 21, 2023

Chico, a northern California college town less than a half-hour drive from Butte Community College, is buzzing with activity as the citizens get ready for Halloween festivities. Amongst those planning...

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Julie at river. Northern California. Date unknown. Photo by Julie Sinningston.

From Granola to Grandma: Sharing an Active Lifestyle with Your Family

Local outdoors woman takes on the hurdles of life while keeping an active lifestyle and including her whole family in the process.
Clay Casada, guest contributor October 21, 2023

Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” While Tzu may have had a deeper meaning in mind, Julie Sinningston took his words maybe a little too literally. What...

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Were not really strangers card deck and box

We’re Not Really Strangers – Come Curious, Leave Connected

Nathan Azevedo Espindula September 20, 2023

“Dig deeper.” The phrase printed on one of the cards encapsulates the essence of the game. Made to create profound connections and engage in meaningful conversations — all things that have become...

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5 Tips for Online Classes

Carlos España, Staff Writer September 9, 2023

  In recent times, most students find themselves enrolled in one or two online courses each semester. The emergence of online learning has revolutionized educational pursuits. If you are navigating...

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