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Israel and Palestine 

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

As I watch the turmoil unfold in Israel and Palestine, I find myself trying to juggle the two sides. 

Attempting to decide based on morals and the perceived innocent side, which changes depending on who you’re talking to. Following wartime journalism comes with the benefit, and the heartache, of seeing firsthand what is going on in these countries. When you hear the experiences from the people directly affected, and see the uncensored pictures, it’s almost impossible to choose a side in a situation like this. 

For me, this situation is so much more than land disputes. At this point in time thousands of people’s lives are being uprooted and destroyed. All sense of normalcy has been revoked. The places that hold their favorite memories are being bombed, and all civilians can try and do is escape, which many are unfortunately unsuccessful at. This is not fair to the children of either side—these kids have no idea about the arguments about the ownership over these places.

I hate that it’s almost controversial if you don’t choose a side; and, if you do, you’re still going to be demonized by the opposing view. 

If you support Israel then “you’re siding with genocide, and people who kill babies.” If you support Palestine, then “you support terrorists.”

Maybe I support the innocent people who are genuinely being affected. Maybe I don’t want to see children from either side die, or festival goers run for their lives and hide in thorn bushes as paratroopers ambush them from the sky with guns. Maybe I want to see people survive and live in the place they love to call home. Maybe that is such a controversial and bad statement. 

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  • J

    Justin StockOct 28, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    I admire your willingness to look at both sides of this dispute objectively and your want to not choose a side. I feel as though we as humans have a need to view every situation in a black and white way. We desire a good guy and a bad guy to root for and against in every conflict, however war makes it the most evident that this is an impossible task because the largest loss of life are innocents who have no power to influence the conflict in one way or the other.