The Best Shark Movie Since ‘Jaws’: A Review of “Under Paris”

Now streaming on Netflix, “Under Paris” brings the terror of a giant mako shark named Lilith to the River Seine. This spoiler-free review goes over the ins and outs of the French film and just what sets it apart from other shark movies.
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The 2024 action-horror movie “Under Paris” could very well be one of the best shark movies since “Jaws.” 

This French film, directed by Xavier Gens, with its screenplay co-written by Yannick Dahan, Maud Heywang, and Yael Langmann, came out early this month and is available for streaming on Netflix. 

With a runtime of 1 hour and 44 minutes, the movie follows Sophia Assalas, a marine researcher who lost her crew after a tragic encounter with a giant mako shark named “Lilith in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Three years later, Sophia discovers that Lilith has traveled from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the River Seine in France. 

The story revolves around the impending World Triathlon Championship, with the swimming portion set to take place in the Seine River. 

As a result, Sophia, alongside the French river brigade, must do all they can to capture or kill the shark before the big event.

“Under Paris” perfectly blends ecological themes with action and horror elements, making it a very competent disaster thriller. 

The movie reminds me of “Jaws” in that it combines action, horror, and the thrill of a good shark hunt all together very well. However, with its unique backdrop of Paris, the movie is different from anything I’ve ever seen. 

The movie probably won’t win any awards, but it’s definitely a must-watch for any shark lover out there.

The English dubbing of the movie was average, and if you enjoy subtitles, I strongly recommend you use those, although it might be a lot of eye exercise since there is always a lot of on-screen action going on. 

While the actors are fairly average, the shark is very well done, and don’t be surprised if you are cheering for it by the end of the movie.

Overall, I found “Under Paris” to be a very interesting watch, and it’s a movie I would definitely watch again at some point. 

I love sharks, and I’m always disappointed with shark movies. They either try to be serious and miss the mark, like “47 Meters Down,” or they are just way too silly, like “Sharknado” and “The Meg.” “Under Paris” comes as the perfect balance, and while it might not be the perfect shark movie—”Jaws” is the only one I’d give that title to—it’s a really good shark movie.

Shark movies have so much potential, and I hope that this is the first of many more good shark movies to come. 

Sharks are beautiful, powerful creatures, and by avoiding clichés and utilizing advanced special effects, “Under Paris” comes as a movie that can both terrify and captivate audiences.

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