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Louis Hester takes the field.

Post-game interview with Louis Hester, Butte College Men’s Soccer Goalkeeper

The comradery among the team combined with a supportive coach make Butte College home for many international students.
Daniel O'Hara, guest contributor May 1, 2024

I sat down with BCMS’s English goalkeeper Louis Hester off the back of the team’s 2-2 draw with Union Pacific University in the opening clash of the 2024 Spring season. I was provided with a first-hand...

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Stonecrop on Table Mountain.

Leave it All on the Table!

The Butte College Friends of the Refuge Club works in the name of conservation and restoration of the Butte College Wildlife Refuge.
Kasten Ortiz, guest contributor April 30, 2024

It was a warm, sunny day as "The Butte College Friends of the Refuge Club" explored the North Table Mountain Ecological reserve on Thursday April 18, 2024, to study the native wildflower species of the...

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White House staff, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

“Guts” by Olivia Rodrigo Review

Nostalgic, but with an adult twist.
Simon West, guest contributor April 28, 2024

Guts is an album written and sung by Olivia Rodrigo that is creative and fun, while also real in an important way. This album was released in September 2023, about two and a half years after Rodrigo’s...

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DiegoVigueras, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“Which Witch”-Florence and The Machine 

Despite complicated lyrics, the song is easy to enjoy.
Jayden Stuart, guest contributor April 27, 2024

"Which Witch" is a song that tells the story about a witch in The Salem Witch Trials who is in love with someone but then an accident occurs causing the witch's lover to die. She is then accused of causing...

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Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash

Reading “The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Album

The narrator is music, acting as if music is capable of thought and word.
Mallory Bernson, guest contributor April 27, 2024

When listening to music, what do you feel? What do you think? What if you could have a conversation with music? When reading Mitch Albom's book "The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto" you have that opportunity. I've...

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Equity and Inclusion In Pre-Commencement Ceremonies and Celebrations

Equity and Inclusion In Pre-Commencement Ceremonies and Celebrations

Liz Heaton, Guest Contributor April 25, 2024

At Butte College, students appreciate and forever cherish their pre-graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Students feel valued when given the time before actual commencement to celebrate with their closest...

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Eternal Classic: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

This film delves into the pressures of patriarchal pressures and the conflicts created by choosing love over societal norms.
Armanjit Kaur, guest contributor April 24, 2024

‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ (2001) a timeless Bollywood classic, directed by Karan Johar and produced by Yash Johar, resides in the hearts of anyone who watches it. Starring Shah Rukh Khan as the...

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Shot of three friends having snacks and drinks while enjoying a movie night

Five Spine Chilling Stories to Prepare You for Summer

The heat is coming so let's exchange ideas about how to cope with the soaring temps.
Alani Ethelbah, guest contributor April 16, 2024

The closer we get to the end of the school year I find myself being taken back to July when I first moved to Chico. Back then my days were spent standing in front of my portable fan. As I’m reminded...

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Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

The 5 Biggest Draft Busts in Recent NBA History

Players who fumbled high hopes at the draft.
Garrett Breedon, guest contributor April 11, 2024

Throughout the history of the NBA draft, there have been many extraordinarily talented players drafted that have gone on to have successful careers. However, for every successful pick in the draft, there’s...

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Shifting Mentalities by Sophie Smith.

Butte College Exhibition Thrives in Celebration of Diversity and Identity

The reception was a resounding success, with attendees expressing gratitude for the opportunity to see their own work displayed.
Leo O'Neill, guest contributor April 4, 2024

From 2-4 PM, the reception buzzed with excitement as attendees immersed themselves in a kaleidoscope of artworks, ranging from paintings to ceramics to multimedia installations. The atmosphere was further...

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Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Page Turners or Page Burners? 

I can not imagine going through high school without most of these books as they also helped me grow up. 
Kaylynn Parks, guest contributor April 3, 2024

Banning books has been a discussion for years. We deem that certain books have too much offensive language, are too explicit or are too depressing.  There are over 1,000 books banned in the US for all...

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“Lisa Frankenstein”: Bringing the Cult Classic Genre Back From the Dead

The film is a dark and memorizing dream sequence, characterized by witty, reference-packed dialogue and twisted humor.
Alani Ethelbah, guest contributor April 2, 2024

"Lisa Frankenstein," a movie adored by audiences and scorned by critics, has all the makings of a perfect cult classic movie. It’s a romance horror comedy that follows Lisa Swallows (Kathyrn Newton),...

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