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Student Trustee’s November’s BOT Report

Highlights for students include the upcoming Car Seat Drive, renewal of the Pepsi contract, the opening of the new Chico Center student lounge and updates on the new Cosmetology and Barbering Building next to the Chico Center.
Liz Heaton, guest contributor November 28, 2023

What's up Butte College students! What a crazy last couple of weeks it has been, and we are so close to finishing this semester. Good job everyone for powering through. The last board meeting was...

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The Roadrunner: A Legacy Continued

Darius Marmol, staff writer (S22-S24) November 9, 2023

As this semester wraps up, several senior staff writers for the Roadrunner will be moving on to the next phases of their education and career. What they leave behind is their own mark on a long and storied...

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Orange Shirt Day group photo. September  28, 2023.

Butte College’s Native American Club & Center Commemorates “Orange Shirt Day” with Reflection and Discussion

Orange Shirt Day holds deep historical and cultural significance, serving as a powerful reminder of the impact of residential schools on Indigenous communities.
Leo O’Neill, guest contributor October 25, 2023

Butte College's Native American Club & Center hosed their annual observance of "Orange Shirt Day" on Thursday, September 28. This event holds deep historical and cultural significance, serving as a...

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October 24, 2023

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Board of Trustees October Report

Liz Heaton, guest contributor October 24, 2023

Guess who’s back, back again…your student trustee! The last Board of Trustees meeting was Wednesday, October 11 on the 3rd floor of the SAS building. New faculty and classified staff members...

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Dome building. October 19, 2023. Originally posted:>Dave Herring on Unsplash

History of the Palestinian Jewish Conflict

A historical perspective provided by Dr. Joe Krulder, Ph.D., Cultural and Social Historian
Dr. Joe Krulder, Ph.D., faculty contributor October 24, 2023

World War One was pivotal in shaping events in what is today, Israel and Gaza. Prior to the war, Palestine fell under the purview of the Ottoman Empire which had held it for centuries. But the Ottomans...

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The Incendiary Ideas of Ted Kaczynski

Nathan Azevedo Espindula, Digital Editor October 17, 2023

Few names in the history of American criminal history occupy as prominent a place as that of Theodore John Kaczynski, infamously known as the Unabomber. Operating between 1978 and 1995, Ted Kaczynski...

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