“Guts” by Olivia Rodrigo Review

Nostalgic, but with an adult twist.
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Guts is an album written and sung by Olivia Rodrigo that is creative and fun, while also real in an important way.

This album was released in September 2023, about two and a half years after Rodrigo’s first album, Sour. Both albums quickly became very popular, especially online for younger audiences.

Guts feels more mature than Sour and shows the growth that Rodrigo has gone through, both in her music and personal life. This album follows the audience of her first album who have grown up just like Rodrigo while also catering well to new fans.

Guts has a good combination of slower sad songs and faster upbeat or angry songs, which I like. The album isn’t too loud and obnoxious, but also doesn’t put you to sleep.

This album describes the life of Rodrigo and is relatable. The first album was very centered on heart break while this one focuses on the exploration that comes after the end of a first serious relationship.

The lyrics are creative and have a good use of metaphors especially in the song “Vampire”, where a past lover is compared to a vampire because of the way he treated Rodrigo.

This is an album that I listen to often, especially while driving. I enjoy the mixture of upbeat and slow songs and enjoy the emotion that is present throughout.

I can easily tell what Rodrigo felt in each song and relate to some of it heavily, even if I haven’t personally gone through it.

This album also feels nostalgic and reminds me of music I listened to as a kid while having a more adult twist.

This album can get a bit repetitive after a while especially when you hear it a lot online.

I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys pop and rock and is into music that feels young but also mature.

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