Does “A Great Chaos” Live Up To Its Name?

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  • Kenyatta Lee Frazier Jr., CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Friday the 13th, Ken Carson dropped his long-awaited album titled, “A Great Chaos”. The hype around this album has been insane, he has teased it for months now and the fans have been starving for new music.

      Ken Carson has never been known as a good lyricist, but that was one thing I noticed that was much improved on this new album. Not only was the beat selection and the production on each song extraordinary like everyone expected, but Ken was also going bar for bar on a lot of the songs. It is really the first time where it felt like Ken was really putting effort into his lyrics and was saying some real stuff. 

     I could see how the songs could potentially become repetitive to an average listener, but I thought each song had its own unique melody and sound to it, and I caught myself feeling different emotions to each song. This really was Ken’s first album that felt mainstream, like he was evolving his sound on this album to sound appealing to someone who doesn’t listen to rap often. 

     There’s really no critique that I could give to this album. I just expect that Ken will continue to grow with his music and his sound and will eventually break into the mainstream of rap, and this album is certainly going to send him well on his way to that. He’s already outsold Offset , (a rapper from the extremely famous rap group, “The Migos”), and was reposted by Drake on Instagram, which was immensely impressive considering it is still early in Ken’s career. 

       There will still be people who are not impressed by this kind of music, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and some people probably won’t like the chaotic energy of this album, but if you enjoy Ken Carson’s discography so far, I am certain you will enjoy A Great Chaos.

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