Messi in the MLS

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July 15, 2023, marked a historic day when Lionel Messi, considered the mostsuccessful soccer player of our generation, decided to join an American team. This datewill undoubtedly be etched in the annals of American sports history, and its lastingimpact may surpass what many can fathom.      Messi joined Inter Miami, a Florida-based team, thanks to the relentless efforts ofteam owner and retired soccer legend David Beckham. His move to Major LeagueSoccer (MLS), the American soccer league, is widely regarded as one of the mostinfluential transfers in the sport’s history.     Messi’s contract with Miami extends until late 2025, and he will earn nearly $60 millionannually. To put this into perspective, NBA superstar LeBron James earns approximately$49 million a year.     Beyond the acquisition of a world-class player, Messi’s arrival from Argentina has thrustan unprecedented spotlight on soccer in a nation where it has often beenovershadowed and overlooked. News outlets worldwide extensively covered this transfer,and a significant surge in viewership for the American league is anticipated.     Soccer still has a considerable distance to cover before it can claim the title ofAmerica’s favorite sport but transfers like this represent monumental steps in the rightdirection.

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