California to Implement Internet Regulation Law by 2024

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In September 2022 California’s governor signed a new act into law. Set to go into effect in 2024, the California Age Appropriate Design Code Act (Cal-AADC) is meant to protect minors on the internet.

The new law will require changes to accessibility and algorithms through age detection, and force platforms to implement permanent alteration to design.

Under the bill, companies have the option to greet all users with a modified appearance and formula, or offer an alternative experience for those under 18. Regardless, access will need to be modified based on age. 

The Cal-AADC has been met with notable backlash from the public. Tech trade group NetChoice went as far as to sue the State of California over the act. NetChoice argues it violates citizens’ constitutional right to free speech, and harms users’ online freedom and access to resources. 

The National Library of Medicine says the rising youth suicide rate “parells the simultaneous increase in social media use,” and even goes as far as to refer to it as “an importing public health problem”. 

Although it’s unclear exactly what an adapted version of platforms will look like, the tie between depression and social media is no longer speculation, it’s fact. 

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