Thompson Fire Ignites In Oroville

Today, July 2, 2024, Butte County’s latest fire broke out at approximately 11:45 AM. 

The fire, which is being referred to as the Thompson Fire, began on Cherokee Road and Thompson Flat Road in Oroville earlier today.

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  • Oroville’s Iconic “O” once shrouded in golden grass now stands amid the burnt landscape.

  • Growing Plume or tower of smoke From the Thompson Fire.

  • Growing Plume or tower of smoke From the Thompson Fire.

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This wildfire comes as the third one in the last few days, as Butte County has also been the scene for both the Bar Fire, which took place on June 27, and the Apache Fire, which happened on June 24. 

The Thompson fire however is by far the biggest one out of the three. As of the latest updates obtained from Cal Fire, the fire has already consumed 2,136 acres.

 In response to the Thompson Fire, multiple evacuation orders have been issued for the following areas:

  • BUT-CHE-532
  • BUT-CHE-533
  • BUT-CHE-534
  • BUT-CHE-535
  • BUT-CHE-536
  • BUT-HUR-851
  • BUT-KR-700
  • BUT-KR-701
  • BUT-KR-702
  • BUT-KR-703
  • BUT-KR-704
  • BUT-KR-705
  • BUT-KR-706
  • BUT-KR-707
  • BUT-KR-708
  • BUT-KR-709
  • BUT-KR-710
  • BUT-KR-711
  • BUT-KR-712
  • BUT-KR-713
  • BUT-KR-714
  • BUT-KR-715
  • BUT-KR-716
  • BUT-ONE-730
  • BUT-ONE-731
  • BUT-ORO-953
  • BUT-ORO-954
  • BUT-ORO-958
  • BUT-ORO-959
  • BUT-ORO-960
  • BUT-ORO-965
  • BUT-OSE-800

Beyond this, many other areas have received evacuation warnings.

 These areas are:

  • BUT-CHE-531
  • BUT-ONE-726
  • BUT-ONE-727
  • BUT-ORO-964
  • BUT-OSE-801
  • BUT-OSE-802
  • BUT-OSE-804
  • BUT-OSE-805
  • BUT-OSE-806
  • BUT-OSE-807
  • BUT-OSE-808
  • BUT-OSE-809
  • BUT-OSE-810
  • BUT-OSE-811
  • BUT-OSE-816

Just as with the Apache Fire and the Bar Fire, residents of all affected areas are urged to follow evacuation orders to ensure their safety. 

Authorities and fire crews are actively working to contain the fire and minimize the damage.

 As the situation in Oroville unfolds, it’s essential to stay tuned to your local news for updates and keep an eye out for evacuation notices.

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  • Aircraft Dropping Retardant on the forward fire lines of the Thompson fire.

  • Bulldozers headed towards the Thompson Fire.

  • Aircraft Dropping Retardant on the forward fire lines of the Thompson fire.

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Like always, there are things that are more important than a story, a house, and even land, and that is your life. 

So, we at the Roadrunner urge everyone to stay safe and obey the authorities, because moments like these are serious and must be taken seriously. 

We hope all is well, and remember to stay safe.

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