Ongoing Antiwar Protest

While some fizzle out, small protests still continue to disrupt.
President Joe Biden Via Wikimediacommons

“I think it would be in the best interest of the Democratic party to forego the convention this year. It’s looking like 1968,” Congressman Dean Phillips said, talking about the Antiwar protests that have rocked the College world from coast to coast.

The Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have been protesting President Joe Biden’s support for Israel and calling for divestment from Israel, including an end to sending weapons as the war rages.

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Fears of protests disrupting graduations have had a couple of universities cancel the main ceremonies, while others have had small agitators either turn their backs on the commencement speakers and administrators or walk out completely while chanting “Free Palestine.” One student at the University of Columbia went as far as zip-tying her hands and ripping up her master’s degree in social work.

University administrators have failed to regain control of the protests. In many cases police have been called in to bring order.

Historic Black University Morehouse has laid some ground rules for the graduation ceremony where President Joe Biden will be giving the commencement speech: “Let it be known that disruptions such as those at the 57 colleges coast to coast will not be tolerated.” Some of the students at the all-Black/all-male school held a silent protest which included some students who turned their back on the President and others who wore Pro-Palestinian attire in protest.

HBU Morehouse college logo Via Wikimediacommons

Morehouse Valedictorian DeAngelo Fletcher said in a graduation speech “It is my stance as a Morehouse man, nay as a human being, to call for an immediate and permanent cease-fire in the Gaza Strip” which he received an applause from students and even President Joe Biden.  

Some Democrat and Republican members of Congress have capitalized on the protest by fanning the flames. Others worry about the upcoming conventions for the Democratic and Republican parties in July and August.

The current Israel anti-war protesters have been compared to the Vietnam antiwar movement in 1968 because of the unrest on college campuses and calls for divestment and ending of foreign wars.  Similarly, students then and now have clashed with police and been arrested, teargassed, and maced.

Just as many colleges across the nation chose to go virtual over the antiwar protest, calls are being made for a virtual DNC .

Despite the assumption that demonstrations would decline as colleges transition into summer terms, there are no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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