Grading and Analyzing The Top 15 Picks In The 2024 NFL Draft

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This NFL draft had a few surprises and 6 Quarterbacks came off the board in the first 13 picks. I will be analyzing and grading these picks. I am sorry in advance if you are unhappy with the grade I give your team or anything I say about them. (I am not) 


  • With The First pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Chicago Bears select QB from USC Caleb Williams- A+ This was a pick even the Bears couldn’t mess up. Caleb Williams was the consensus number-one pick in this year’s draft. The comparisons to Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes aren’t for no reason. Williams has the ability to improvise any kind of broken play and can make strong accurate throws while throwing from awkward angles on the run. While he had a below-expectancy season last year, the undeniable talent was still very clear.  He also has the foot speed and evasiveness to be a good runner in the NFL. Starting off with a very good receiver room of Kennan Allen, DJ Moore, and newly drafted receiver Rome Odunze, there aren’t a lot of excuses for Caleb not to be good right out of the gate. It is a very high possibility that Caleb Williams will end up being the best Quarterback in Chicago’s franchise history, which shouldn’t be hard since the Bears have never had a 4,000-yard passer. Da Bearssss
  • With the second pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Washington Commanders Select QB from LSU Jayden Daniels- A After trading Sam Howell to the Seahawks in the offseason, there was a hole at Quarterback that needed to be filled for the Commanders. The best choice available was the Heisman-winning QB Jayden Daniels. With 40 passing touchdowns, 50 total touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions, there is a lot to like there. Daniel’s ability to run and throw touchdowns draws obvious comparisons to Lamar Jackson and Robert Griffin III. Daniels is a quick decision-maker, which should help him survive behind that Washington offensive line that allowed 65 sacks last season. Jayden Daniels’ arm strength is something to behold. 
  • With the third pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The New England Patriots select QB from UNC Drake Maye- A The Patriots’ obvious need in this draft was QB. Drake Maye was the best QB available and is already better than previous Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones. Maye extends plays, makes accurate throws, makes impressive off-platform throws, and can run the football extremely well. Drake Maye’s stats saw a decline in the 2023 season, but just like Caleb Williams the talent and future promise of being a good NFL quarterback is all there. While he doesn’t have any notable receivers to throw the ball to, they did draft UCF receiver Javon Baker who, “makes people in wheelchairs stand up.” Will Drake Maye be the quarterback to get the Patriots back to their winning ways? Hopefully, otherwise, this video of Drake Maye making burgers will come back to haunt him. 
  • With the Fourth Pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Arizona Cardinals select WR from Ohio State Marvin Harrison Jr-A+ The Cardinals were very fortunate that the first three teams needed quarterbacks desperately because potentially the most talented player in the entire draft fell into their lap at the fourth pick. Harrison’s skillset will match perfectly with professional Call Of Duty Player and Quarterback Kyler Murray. Marvin’s ability to track the ball in the air and come down with 50/50 balls is exactly what worked so well between Kyler and DeAndre Hopkins in the 2020 season. Marvin Harrison is also an elite route runner and has the speed to torch anyone in the open field. At 6’3, he is a big target and should be the clear-cut 1st option on that offense right away. Now that Kyler has a legitimate go-to guy, it will be interesting to see if they can get the Cardinals back to the playoffs. Arizona fans can expect to see a lot of catches just like this one in the future. 
  • With the Fifth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Los Angeles Chargers select OT from ND Joe Alt- A- Joe Alt was the best offensive tackle in the draft this year hands down. He is extremely quick and good on his feet for his size. Not to mention he only allowed 4 sacks in his three years of college ball. This should be a really good pairing with the Chargers’ other high draft pick from 2021 Rashawn Slater on the offensive line. Now Justin Herbert has all the time in the world to throw to… who? Oh, Quentin Johnston. Yeah, the Chargers might need your thoughts and prayers. However, they did draft Georgia receiver Ladd McConkey. If he’s as good as his name, maybe it will all be okay for the Chargers. Look at Joe being silly
  • With the Sixth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The New York Giants select WR from LSU Malik Nabers- A Malik Nabers was easily the second-best receiver in this class, and the Giants need someone to help them forget they paid Kenny Golladay 72 million dollars. Malik Nabers excels at burning whatever coverage is thrown at him with his speed and crisp route running. This is a guy who broke multiple LSU receiving records including receptions (189) and receiving yards (3,003). For an offense that needs some kind of spark, this is the guy that can do it. He is charismatic in all facets of the game and can make defenses pay if they give him room to run after the catch. The question is will Daniel Jones have more than 0.0000000000000001 seconds to throw him the ball? In 6 games played last year, Daniel Jones was sacked THIRTY times. That is an insane sack rate of five sacks a game. Malik Nabers has his own bowling ball and can bowl a 150.
  • With the Seventh pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Tennessee Titans select OT from Alabama JC Latham- C- Latham is a mammoth of a man. But, going at 7 is a bit questionable since there were other options that might have been better in that spot. Latham had some penalty issues in college. If he can clean that up in the NFL, He has great power at 6’6 342lbs so we may see some pancakes from him regularly. Latham is one of those guys who may bend but normally doesn’t break. I don’t know how eager he is to block for a guy who puts mayonnaise in his coffee, but for 6.5 million a year, that’s his job. Watch JC Latham push around grown men.
  • With the eighth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select QB from Washington Michael Penix Jr- F As Will Hardy once said, “That was a masterpiece of dogshit.” If there was a grade lower than an F I would give this pick that grade. This is not a knock on Penix at all, but a very confusing move for a team who just paid a 35-year-old Kirk Cousins $100 million guaranteed on a 4-year, $180 million deal. Even without that factor, it was still a huge reach to draft a 23 almost 24-year-old Penix at the eight spot just for him to most likely sit on the bench for his first few years assuming Kirk stays healthy. While Penix has a bad injury history, he had a magnificent season with Washington taking them to the national championship throwing for nearly 5,000 yards and 36 touchdowns on the season with a 65.4 completion percentage. Maybe Penix will pan out whenever he gets his chance, but why the Falcons would draft Kirk’s replacement not even 2 months after giving him 100 million dollars is beyond me. They let two elite edge rushers slip in the draft that they could have actually used for a defensive line that has struggled to get sacks for multiple seasons now. Look at how happy Michael is. (Don’t read the comments) 
  • With the ninth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Chicago Bears select Wr from Washington Rome Odunze- A Drawing comparison to Ja’Marr Chase and Davante Adams, all while catching balls for the #1 pick in the draft? Yeah, it is safe to say this was the perfect pick for the Bears to make. Odunze led the nation in receiving last year, racking up 1,640 yards which also broke the Washington program’s record. Odunze excels in making contested catches and beating his defender in one on one matchups. He is another red zone threat to add to an already stacked receiver room with Keenan Allen and DJ Moore. This could very well end up being one of the best receiver rooms if things pan out. Today is the day I never thought I would see coming, but I have to admit it. The future’s looking bright for the Chicago Bears. Will Odunze break the Bears franchise record for receiving yards? I mean, probably. That’s a pretty sad franchise record. 
  • With the tenth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Minnesota Vikings select QB from Michigan JJ McCarthy- B- The Vikings just drafted a guy who is nothing short of elite when it comes to handing the ball off. That crispy footwork to turn around and plant the ball right into the running back’s arms is an absolute beauty to behold. I’m kidding, but I had to say it. The truth about McCarthy is he was one of the most accurate quarterbacks in college football. He has great instincts, he can fit the ball into tight windows, and can also extend plays and make accurate throws on the run. While Michigan did have a very run-heavy offense, this shouldn’t take away from what McCarthy can do with the ball in his hands. He is a promising prospect who has been drafted into a stacked offense. The Vikings trading up didn’t really make too much sense, but they saw their guy and they went and drafted him. McCarthy had a 29-1 record in college and threw for 22 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions with a 72.3 completion percentage in the 2023 season. Click to see McCarthy’s wardrobe choice if you dare.
  • With the eleventh pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The New York Jets select OT from Penn State Olu Fashanu- B Well after Aaron Rogers couldn’t even finish a full possession without his offensive line trying to get him fucking killed, this pick makes sense. Fashanu has had an unfortunate injury that forced him to miss some of the draft combine, but the perspicuous talent is there for him to become an elite pass blocker against speedy edge rushers. He is quick on his feet and has fast recoveries. He is mobile enough to be good in all aspects of run blocking as well and should be able to downhill block with ease thanks to his speed. Another positive thing for Fashanu is Zach Wilson was traded to Denver a few weeks ago. Fashanu seems to be a great future piece to add to a deflated O-line that should be able to do it all on the line. Watch this 300-pound man run a 5.11 at the combine.
  • With the Twelfth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Denver Broncos select QB from Oregon Bo Nix- B Bo ended off his Instagram draft post by saying “Broncos Country, let’s….. GO.” Okay, so he’s off to a good start, officially putting the horrendous let’s ride era behind the Broncos franchise hopefully. It’s almost as good as Troy Franklin saying, “Go Broncos country, and it’s over for every mother Fu*** that tried to play me.” That might just be their new slogan. While Bo Nix was a reach at 12 in the draft, it makes more sense when you realize the Raiders were one pick behind them, frothing from the mouth just dying to get one of those top six quarterbacks. Bo Nix is coming off the most accurate season for any quarterback in CFB history (77.4 completion %) and led the nation with 51 total touchdowns, 45 of those being passing touchdowns. If he had gotten one win in the two games against Washington, it is safe to say he probably would have won the Heisman. Bo has the elite ability to get the ball out quickly on a rope and plant the ball right into the receiver’s hands. Nix is quick with reading his progressions and can make the out-of-ordinary throws when needed, and also has the speed to run for first downs. Sounds like a robot Sean Payton created in a lab to fit his offensive scheme. It seems like the Broncos were confident in the Nix pick, so I don’t see a huge issue in taking their guy where they did. Unfortunately in order to watch Bo Nix, you’ll have to look at these eye sores they call uniforms. 
  • With the thirteenth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Las Vegas Raiders select TE from Georgia Brock Bowers- A I’d rather take a cat on a walk than watch Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell toss the pig skin around, but maybe Bowers will make their offense worth watching. Bowers was the clear number one tight end in this draft drawing comparison to George Kittle. He might have been one of the most valuable players in this entire draft. However, Bowers has the serious potential to be in a league of his own at the tight end position and may just become one of the greats. Bowers’s ability as a pass catcher is uncanny, and you mix that with a 4.53 40-yard dash speed with a 6’3  240-pound frame, that’s some scary stuff right there. Brock pretty much thrashed all of the college tight-end records Kyle Pitts had set only a few years prior, and his ability to run after the catch makes him so difficult to guard. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also a satisfactory blocker. If Bowers can stay out of prison unlike some other Raiders draft picks, I see him being a great value pick once the Raiders find a quarterback that isn’t utterly horrible. Brock’s Dad looks so thrilled to see his son get drafted by The Raiders. 
  • With the fourteenth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The New Orleans Saints select OT from Oregon State Taliese Fuaga- C- I understand why the Saints didn’t draft defense with this pick, and Fuaga looks like someone who can come in and start for them out of the gate potentially. While I believe the pick was a slight reach, The Saints got a strong and tough blocker that had the ability to move defenders in college. Fuaga very much brings that trench feel to the O-line and has the tools to be effective immediately. Fuaga is an enormous man at 6’6 324 pounds, but he is very speedy for his size, running a 5.14 40-yard dash at the combine. There is some concern when talking about his wingspan. Still, he only allowed one sack in his entire college career and played with heart, so he has all the tools necessary to become a great player. He should give Derrick Carr a little more time to throw the ball to the other team. Watch Fuaga impress at the combine.
  • With the fifteenth pick in the 2024 NFL draft, The Indianapolis Colts select Edge from UCLA Laiatu Latu-A+ When the first 14 teams draft offensive players and you get the luxury of being able to pick any defensive player you want at the 15th spot in the draft, chances are you got a steal. Latu is arguably the best edge rusher in this entire draft. If only the Atlanta Falcons had a chance to snag him before the Colts did. (Sorry Falcons fans) Latu was about as elite as it gets in college, recording 23.5 sacks over the last 2 seasons with the Bruins. It feels like every play Latu can slip blocks and disrupt the backfield. He has speed and quick instincts that allow him to adjust to plays as they happen. Latu has a concerning past with the neck injury he suffered early in his college career, but that didn’t appear to hinder him too much the last few seasons. The only downside for Latu in this scenario is going from Los Angeles to Indiana. Depressing. Watch Chris Ballard flame the media for tearing down young players.


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