Butte College launches AI survey

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Butte College will be launching a survey to explore student perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI) across campus.

 This initiative, driven by the college’s Institutional Research Department in collaboration with the Student Senate, seeks to gain student insights and help shape the integration of AI in educational settings.

 Starting April 22 and open until April 30, the survey will aim to capture a wide range of student opinions on AI.

 All current Butte College students are encouraged to participate in the survey. Students will receive invitations to participate through their school email and text. Additionally, there will be many flyers around campus with QR codes for easy access to the survey.

The survey will be a critical tool for the college to understand how students perceive and interact with AI technologies within their academic and personal lives. 

Alan Burwell, a research analyst at Butte College, explained, “There is real interest across campus around AI, and the student voice needs to be at the table,” and he added that the survey “is a real opportunity to bring that student voice into these discussions.”

By participating, students have a unique opportunity to influence policy and decision-making processes at Butte College.

To encourage and reward student participation, the college is offering an added incentive: three lucky participants will win a $50 gift card to the campus bookstore.

To be eligible for the draw, students need to provide their information at the end of the survey. This information will remain confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of the draw.

 Responses from the survey will be compiled and analyzed only in aggregate form, and no individual responses will be disclosed to instructors, staff, or administration. 

This survey represents a significant step for Butte College in embracing technological advancements while respecting and incorporating student feedback.

 Keep an eye out for emails, text messages, and flyers about the AI survey—your participation is crucial. Don’t miss your chance to be heard and make a difference in your college community.

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