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Ken Carson has answered your prayers.
Ken Carson
Ken Carson
Ken Carson

It is finally happening (maybe).


The artist behind “A Great Chaos,” Ken Carson, has been teasing quite a few snippets of new music as of late, foreshadowing what his deluxe album will sound like. He normally goes live on his Instagram account and previews a bunch of snippets that are normally 10-15 seconds long.


Ken finally gave his fans a drop date (April 11, Ken’s birthday) for his awaited single titled “Overseas.” He surprisingly kept his word and dropped the song randomly in the late afternoon on Thursday. 


The cover art posted with the announcement of his new single is a striking visual of the side of Ken’s face with a huge gash  shaped like a big smile. It sort of looks like a possible reference to The Joker from the Batman movies, even though Ken has expressed his distaste for Batman. “I hate Batman. I feel like I could be Batman,” says Ken in a genius interview, “I feel like you could be Batman. Anybody could be Batman, you just got to get the gadgets.” 


Anyways, back to “Overseas”


 The song starts with a ringing melody, switching back and forth from slow to fast for about 25 seconds as I wait patiently for the beat to drop. The beat drops, and I hear the line “London. Paris, Amsterdam, yeah I’m Overseas,” as the start to Ken’s usual catchy chorus. Ken continues with his normal rebellious but playful lyrics, ending the chorus with, “You ain’t nothing like me, you don’t bleed what I bleed. Put the blick down, I’ll beat your ass just like Creed.” 


The captivating part about most of Ken’s songs is the extra background noise on top of the main melody that normally transitions in after the song starts. It gives an extra boost to the already substantial production. This is a great way to keep changing the melody of the beat to keep the song interesting after the first minute.


At the end of his songs, he usually lets the beat ride out so you can hear both melodies clearly at the end, which certainly enhances my appreciation for the production. An easy way to describe this is it sounds like there are two beats in one song. 


Ken goes into his main verse, and in one of the bars he keeps saying that he wished he could go back in time. “I wish I could go back in time to tell myself, don’t change a thing.” Fun fact, Ken said in an interview with Montreality that he slapped his elementary school teacher. Not changing a thing means he stands on business. 


Ken had to trust his own work and slowly rise to fame. The young rapper broke into the underground scene around 2020, after signing with Opium in 2019. He faced harsh criticism often early on in his career with his “Teen X” and “Project X” albums, due to his different sound which didn’t appeal to mainstream music at the time. Ken’s music slowly grew on people as he dropped more music, evolving his sound as he went.


His recent album “A Great Chaos” increased his monthly listener rate by almost 6 million. Ken is proof that if you work hard and stick with something long enough, that work will pay off. Let Ken Carson motivate you to never quit and stick to the grind.


If you’re thinking of quitting your hobby or passion, think of Ken Carson making millions off of his passion. If you’re thinking of quitting your 9-5 job, maybe you should, because Ken Carson says he has “never clocked into a shift.”


Ken’s verse lasts about a minute, and then it goes back to the chorus.  This time the beat drops on a different line in the chorus, and the second melody of the beat doesn’t kick in until the chorus finishes. As the beat rides out, you’ll hear all the different sounds from the beat come into one to close out the song. 


“Overseas” is a classic Ken Carson song, and is hopefully an indication of similar-sounding tracks to come on his confirmed deluxe album (whenever that may drop.)

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