Five Spine Chilling Stories to Prepare You for Summer

The heat is coming so let’s exchange ideas about how to cope with the soaring temps.
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The closer we get to the end of the school year I find myself being taken back to July when I first moved to Chico. Back then my days were spent standing in front of my portable fan. As I’m reminded of my need to keep cool, I think of a Korean saying I learned about that says summer is the best time for a scary story. The idea being that you’ll get chills from the stories and will be able to keep cool throughout the hot weather. So with summer fast approaching here are some of my favorite scary videos to help keep you both entertained and chilly this summer.

#5 Black Eyed Children Urban Legend
Though not the scariest video on this list to me it’s a classic. With an intro that hooks your attention and animations to go along with the story this video is perfect for a quick scare. The Snarled channel is also the perfect hub for scary stories and is one I immediately seek out when I’m in the need to get my adrenaline pumping.

#4 The Russian Death March
This video is not one for the weak as it details a true story about a hiking trip gone terrifyingly wrong. This tale is one that keeps listeners puzzled and horrified at every corner. With added audio effects and amazing story-telling skills it’s easy to be immersed in this video from start to finish.

#3 Korean Urban Legend “One, Two, One, Two”
It didn’t feel right to make a list inspired by a Korean saying/tradition without including a Korean Scary Story. This video is a telling of a classic Korean Urban Legend. It’s one that’ll keep listeners scared of the things that go bump in the night.

#2 Japanese Urban Legend Sukima-Onna
Do you know that strange feeling of sensing someone’s eyes on you? Well This video is one that feeds into the fear that everyone has of being watched. From the second the opening monologue starts they describe a strange but all too familiar scene. This Japanese Urban Legend is definitely one that’ll leave listeners feeling uneasy.

#1 That’s Not My Dad and Other Stories
If you are looking for a proper scare then look no further. This podcast episode talks about the strange phenomenon of doppelgangers. These stories explore how sometimes the scariest things are those that are all too familiar to us. Believer or not this video is one that’ll be hard to stop thinking about.

As we come to an end I’m curious: which Stories did you find the scariest? Do you have any of your own to share? I’m excited to hear back–use the comment feature below.

Finding ways to combat the heat is important so I hope you enjoyed this list and that you share your favorite stories with those who deserve to stay cool and refreshed during this summertime.

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