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Many people, some as far away as Redding, came and brought their children, friends, and family.
Big Time Event 
Traditional Indian Dancers
Big Time Event Traditional Indian Dancers
Andrew Vojta
Food Vendors at the Big Time Event

The Big Time Event went off without a hitch, well as much of a hitch as you can expect from a Northern California spring. The Big Time Event was the second annual and organized by the Butte College Native American Center and took place on March 28, 2024.

The event was held at the Butte Community College on the main campus.  Food vendors lined the James Cowan parking lot and sold Native cuisine, other vendors offered traditional jewelry , and dancers decked out in traditional tribal dress provide sensory stimulation.

The Native American Center organized the event to bring together three local tribes and the outer community at large.

If you were there last year during the inaugural event, you might have noticed something a little different this year–an indoor location. Whereas the last time the event was all held outside, this spring has been a little rainier, so the Native American Center was forced to hold the dancers and some of the vendors in the gymnasium.

The Big Time Event was a huge hit with the public. Many people came and brought their children, parents, and friends. Some people like Alyssa and her husband came from as far away as Redding, CA.  They were both here for the inaugural Big Time Event, “It’s just really cool to see the different groups come together, just the whole experience, makes the trip worth it.”

That kind of vibe was a common theme. Butte College students Alex and Max, who were enjoying some of the Native food vendors, were impressed by the art and fun scene,  “it’s just nice to see community come together.”

If you didn’t make it this year, than don’t miss out next year. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

It’s pretty awesome that Butte College works with these centers, groups and clubs to make things like this come together and make the college experience that much more enjoyable.



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