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What’s up, Roadrunners!


I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Spring Break. It’s back to the grind, and we are almost done, so stay strong!

The last Board of Trustees meeting was Wednesday, March 13 at the Glenn County Center. This meeting was our Vice President’s Andy Suleski’s last meeting before his retirement. He was vice president of administration and facilities for a long time and will be missed. During his last report, he mentioned a couple of cool facts and important info:

  • This year we have hired over 225 student employees which is awesome, and I am one of them. I love my job at the Center for Academic Success.
  • The new science building is scheduled to be completed by Fall of 2025 which is going to be amazing!
  • New scoreboards are expected to be built since our current ones are

During my report, I talked about how our Student Senate is starting elections for the leadership team (president, vice president, business affairs director, and student trustee). Applications are open until April 5.

Our Student Senate is also attending one of the biggest conferences of the year, The General Assembly with the SSCCC on April 4-6. As student trustee, I am presenting our Butte College Car Seat Resolution which would require that all community colleges have at least two emergency car seats on campus.

I am also working with Superintendent Tom Taylor of Paradise Unified School District to bring back a portion of the Paradise College Connection program. At the next meeting, I will present a full update on the status of the program.

During our meeting, we approved many new courses for students including:

  • ENGR 11(Engineering), a course designed for transfer to CSU, Chico for both Engineering and Computer Science
  • HLTH 40(Health), a stand-alone course that will help students understand the socialimpact of drugs, recognize the dangers of illicit drugs and drug-related issues, andcorrelate positive health behaviors for combating drug misuse. This course will benefitstudentswhoareenteringcareersinhealtheducation,counseling,andlaw
  • KIN 21A, KIN 21B, and KIN 89, all stand-alone intercollegiate beach volleyball courses. These courses are intended for students participating in intercollegiate beach volleyball and will provide preparation for such
  • MUS 361, MUS 362, MUS 363, MUS 364, and MUS 370, noncredit stand-alone courses that are designed for older adults and provide community members an opportunity to


That was pretty much the bulk of the meeting! As always, feel free to ask any questions and remember to RUN FOR STUDENT SENATE!!

Use this link to apply 🙂

  • Liz Heaton, Student Trustee 24-25
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