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Bcbygirll, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Bcbygirll, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

After three years and a leaked song going viral Grande has come back with her newest album titled ‘Eternal Sunshine’ named after the 2004 film with the same title, starring Jim Carrey.

The album’s first single “Yes, and?” was Grande’s introduction to this record. “Yes, and?” was released on January 12, 2024, when fans were split between loving or hating it. Many people quickly began to speculate that Ariana would soon release an album. Soon after Grande took to Instagram to reveal the title, cover, and release date of this project, She later stated that she would only be releasing “Yes, and?” as the only single of the album because she wanted fans to enjoy the full project. Fans were excited to see what she had been cooking up in the studio.

Before the album was released, the news went public about her split with her then-husband Dalton Gomez. Soon after the singer/ actress began dating fellow performer Ethan Slater also known as SpongeBob from the live Broadway show. People took to the internet bashing Grande calling her a “home wrecker” and many other names, due to Slater spouting from his wife after her pregnancy. Both Ethan and Ariana never spoke on the situation alongside Grande’s ex-husband Dalton. Slater’s ex-wife went on an interview bashing Ariana as well, implying Grande wasn’t “a girl’s girl.”

Therefore, fans wanted to see if Grande would reveal some insight into the split between her and Dalton and her newest relationship with Slater. During the beginning of March, she began doing promotion interviews for the album sharing that she felt this was her most personal project yet. Sharing that fans would be upset about the length but hopefully pleased. She also shared that she got justice for her leaked song “ Fantasize” which was leaked in late 2023 and went viral even charting in the Philippines! She also shared that she had reworked a version of the song that would be featured on the album making fans even more excited.

Grande’s album was released March 6th and the album ran for about 35 minutes to show Grande’s side of the story and how she felt. The introduction to the album titled “Intro (end of the World) is a simple yet deep song about how she doesn’t know if she’s going the right way about things. Following two breakup songs “Bye” & “Don’t wanna Break up Again”. Bye with its upbeat tempo is her claiming herself again and leaving for the better. The third track “Don’t wanna break up again” tells the story of a failed relationship where she sings “I fall asleep cryin’ you turn up the TV”. Fans and critics assume she’s talking about Dalton tuning her out while she is at her lowest point.

“Saturn Returns Interlude” features a clip of her and ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who passed away in 2018. Fans found the same widow and realized that it was the same audio featured in the song. That fades into the title track “Eternal Sunshine” which is her continuing to tell the story of her failed marriage and accepting that it wasn’t meant to be.

This leads to “Supernatural” which is about healing and finding a new love. “True Story” seems to be her claiming back her reputation saying “I’ll be the villain if you want me to” and “I’ll play whatever part you want me to”, which is a big middle finger to anyone criticizing her every move. The track titled “The Boy Is Mine” is the song Grande reworked based on her leaked song “Fantasize” which is about resisting to be in a relationship with a man yet claiming him. Followed by the famous song that gave Grande her biggest debut “Yes, and?” where she claims back her reputation. Saying “I’m so done with caring” & “If you find yourself in a dark situation Just turn on your light and be like yes, and?” Fans seem to think track 10 is towards the fans that turned on her and the critics due to the specific lyrics “You cling to your papers and pens Wait until you like me again” and “Know that you made me I don’t like how you paint me, yet I’m still here hanging”, which is a direct message to fans that switched on her and critics who bashed her for spreading false information.

“I wish I hated you” is for Dalton Gomez where she wishes no ill will towards him. Telling him “I wish I hated you”. She then dedicates the following song to her new fling. “Imperfect for you” is Grande saying that she’s glad things went the way they did because thanks to how it unfolded she found Ethan and is imperfect with him due to her finally finding him. The final song ties in the album and finishes it off with her Grandmother “Nonna” saying “And as I told her, never go to bed without kissin’ goodnight That’s the worst thing to do And if you can’t and you don’t feel comfortable doing it You’re in the wrong place, get out.” Answering Grandes question from her first song on the album “Intro (end of the world)” where she states “How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship?” Nonna closes the album

Overall the album is something that you should listen to. Rolling Stone claimed the album is an “Instant Classic.” It shows that celebrities are not just characters and have feelings and lives outside of their art. This is a great album for those going through a breakup and want to feel less alone by finding their eternal sunshine.

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