Bus Diaries #3

Bus drivers are often burdened by commotion.
Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

The Glenn ride, as chaotic as it may be, is kind of peaceful when people get off or when the passengers are quiet. These moments make me feel as if it’s just the motor of the bus and me. So, naturally, a tired person falls asleep.

You may be wondering, who falls asleep in public on a bus that’s so unsafe? …well, me.  I fell asleep on a strange woman’s shoulder on the goddamn bus. It was so embarrassing! (But her puffer jacket was extremely comfortable.) Anyway, that’s the start of this diary, but I’ll confess it’s not the first time this has occurred.

The bus driver, whose name I think is Jacob, is an angel sent from heaven. One day I was sleeping on the bus with my AirPods blasting music in my ears so I wouldn’t have to listen the commotion of the bus. Then, suddenly, I heard him yelling  “Hey hey” from the front, telling me it was my stop. The two other people looked back at me like I was weird. In my defense, I’m tired, especially on the nights I close. I woke up and felt my AirPod fall, but in my grogginess, I just got off and then realized the loss of such a precious device as I watched the bus fade away. 

I was lowkey panicking so I called the office and told them, “Hey can you keep an eye out for my AirPod?”  The lady said she’d let the driver know so I was expecting to maybe see it the following day.

Later at work, my coworker says “Hey someone is looking for you.”  I thought they were messing with me so I was like who?

“It’s ‘the bus driver’?” she says. I walked over to the window and sure enough, it’s him, and HE HAS FOUND THEM!!!

I appreciate that man so much! He’s a real one, better than the father I never had! So I gave him my employee discount as a thank you. This whole diary is a shout-out to Jacob the bus driver…I think that’s his name.

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