Tampon Hurling Brawl

Outrageous and arrogant behavior is becoming the societal norm.
tampons in new orleans by jenlight is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
“tampons in new orleans” by jenlight is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Maybe not in real action but at least we’ve all imagined or wished we could. Of course, I’m talking about being special or better than everyone else.

With the rise of influencers, we’ve all seen some outrageous and arrogant behavior become the societal norm. The mentality of “I’m a legend in my own mind,” or the equivocal “Don’t you know who I think I am” on steroids.

It seems to be even worse when it comes to being related to B or A-list celebrities. Take, for instance, Stephen Baldwin of the A-List Hollywood family. Yes, that’s right the Baldwins is the family with Alec Baldwin who’s also on trial for involuntary manslaughter for the Rust shooting incident in New Mexico in 2021.

That takes us to Savannah Georgia, on Feb. 24, 2024, where Hailey Bieber’s sister Alaia Baldwin-Aronow,  a model and influencer, was arrested and booked into jail with her mugshot taken.

Allegedly Alaia Baldwin-Aronow was at a bar called Club Elan when things took a turn for the worse, or at least the grossly bizarre.

The club owner called 911 on an unruly patron who happened to be Alaia Baldwin-Aronow, according to the police reports, and two bouncers and a female staff member were outside when the police showed up.

Witnessed told the police that the incident happened over an employee-only bathroom. Supposedly after Alaia was repeatedly told to stop using the employee-only bathroom, two bouncers intervened, and one allegedly tried to grab her in a respectful, yet forceful, manner.

That’s when Alaia reportedly went on the attack. She apparently grabbed a handful of hair, ripping it out of the bouncer’s head. When the other backup bouncer tried to get a hold of Alaia, she supposedly kicked him in the groin area and then retreated into the employee-only bathroom.

A female staff member reportedly entered the bathroom and tried to show respect and discretion for the obviously drunk and belligerent patron.

Alaia supposedly told the female staff member that she just needed a moment to throw up and change her tampon. The unidentified staff member agreed and waited outside the bathroom door for a while before deciding to reenter the bathroom. The staff member now claims Alaia then threw a used tampon at her.

It’s unclear how long it took, but eventually, Club Elan staff were able to get her out of the building where the cops arrived on the scene and asked her (Alaia) about the incident.

Alaia claimed to have no knowledge of throwing a used tampon at the female employee before begrudgingly admitting to it. When the police continued to ask her about the physical violence with the two bouncers, she claimed to have done it in self-defense.

She has been formally charged with simple battery, simple assault, and trespassing. She has not given any further comment on the matter at this time.

With these kind of crimes becoming normal these days, its imperative that as college students and young adults we aim to seek a higher standard as that is what being in a higher learning is all about. Let these things be a sign as to why being a well mannered citizen and in our cases a student is very important.

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