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Baked Goods That Take The Cake 

A classic piece of coffee cake and a warm mug of coffee is the best way to start of a morning or a late night study session.
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Baking is fun for a multitude of reasons– getting to experiment, eating yummy food at different stages, having flour wars and so much more. Baking feeds the mind, body and soul. Here are five recipes that take the cake.

#1 Oreo Cookie Balls

A an all-around favorite, this recipe is easy to follow and only has 4-5 ingredients, so it does not break the bank. Oreos have always been popular but mixing them with cream cheese and coating them in chocolate makes them even better. The only problem is how fast they disappear.

This is ranked first as it is the easiest of all the recipes and my personal favorite. to an external site.

#2 Lemon Blondies

Sweet and zesty, with a little kick of sour, soft lemon blondies are a perfect treat for spring and summer. For all of the lemon lovers, these are sure to brighten your day.

While not as easy to make as the Oreo balls, they sure taste amazing which is why they are ranked second. to an external site.

#3 Coffee Cake

A classic piece of coffee cake and a warm mug of coffee is the best way to start of a morning or a late night study session. Layers of warm soft vanilla cake mixed with a ribbon of cinnamon sugar and topped with a crumble is always sure to lift spirits. to an external site.

#4 No Bake Brownie Batter

For all of the chocolate lovers, I know you love to lick the spoon when you make brownies, but most of the time, it is not safe to eat more then a lick. This recipe is for those people. With no eggs and heat-treated flour, this batter will fulfill your chocolate craving.

Ranked number four because you always need a good recipe with a lot of chocolate (but heat-treating the flour is not the easiest of tasks).

#5 Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

Peanut butter mixed with a gooey chocolate chip cookie can’t fail. This great treat is easy to make, whether homemade or using store bought cookie dough.

These are ranked number five, not for the lack of taste and happiness, but because if you chose to make homemade cookie dough, you will need another recipe which takes more effort. to an external site.

Whether you love to bake or just enjoy looking at yummy recipes, I hope this list inspires you to try out the recipes or decide what you want to bake next.

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