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Adidas finally gets women’s sports right

Chuck Kennedy / State Department
Secretary of State Antony Blinken watch the Women’s World Cup match between the US and Netherlands and July 27, 2023 in Wellington, New Zealand. Blinken is on a whistle-stop tour of the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. (Official State Department photo by Chuck Kennedy)

With the 2023 edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup right around the corner, Adidas has released the uniforms which will be worn by the countries they sponsor at the tournament.

Adidas is taking innovative risks with the new attire and the results are brilliant. The German brand’s new approach marks a departure from the traditionally gendered uniforms used in previous tournaments. The new styles have great significance for the sport and the representation of female athletes.

Now designed to fit the female body, the new uniforms eliminate some issues previously caused by styles made for male athletes.

One of the major improvements of the new kits was the inclusion of a built-in sports bra. This innovation was seen as a major step forward in addressing the unique challenges faced by female athletes, who often struggle with finding comfortable and supportive athletic wear.

The uniforms contain a wide array of technical improvements made with advanced materials. With breathable and temperature-regulating fabrics, Adidas is betting their state-of-the-art uniforms will contribute to top-level performance at this year’s WWC.

Adidas brought their A-game to the technological advancements and did not disappoint in the visual aspect of the new kits. The uniforms are available in a wide range of colors and embody phenomenal designs. Finally, the female teams will possess a uniform that is aesthetically superior to their male counterparts.

While bold colors and innovative designs make a statement on the field, the uniforms show a commitment to women’s sports. The challenge of getting people to care about women’s sports has been tackled from many different angles and this time Adidas finally got it right. Instead of marketing women’s athletics as a female version of male sports, Adidas is showcasing the individuality and beauty unique to the women’s game.

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