Gypsy Rose vs The Internet

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Gypsy Rose
Biggly, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Gypsy Rose Biggly, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has become a household name since her release thanks to social media fans who have been showing her support. Gypsy has also clapped back at the haters who hate her husband’s relationship with her. Overall she’s become a sensation on social media and public media as well. She’s been on news outlets and other different places telling the truth about her story. During one of these interviews, Gypsy claimed that she didn’t see herself as a murderer, to which fans of hers on social media turned their backs and began bashing her. Saying that she was a murderer since she had planned the murder alongside Nick Godejohn. 

Fans then began noticing that in a previous interview, Blanchard stated that when her mother was in an interview alongside her she would pinch her and whisper to shut up when she didn’t want her speaking about something. Fans found that clip and began noticing that Gypsy herself had done that in a previous interview. People then started comparing her to her mom. I asked a few students attending Butte their thoughts about Gypsy’s release and see if they viewed her as a cold-blooded killer or a survivor of circumstance.

Magali Ibarra who is a criminal justice major personally felt that Gypsy had done her time and it was fair for her to be released. Magali was also asked about how she felt about Godejohn still being incarcerated meanwhile gypsy was free to which she responded “I’m in the middle because he committed the murder but she’s the one that suggested and gave the ideas but, she served her time that the judge gave her”. I also asked if she considered Gypsy to be a murderer or a survivor, Ibarra said that she didn’t view Gypsy as a murderer even though she did take part saying “She didn’t do it but she did take place and bring up the idea but she could’ve taken other actions to report it”. 

Leslie Licea who plans to be a CSU transfer was also asked about her thoughts about Gypsy’s situation. In which she said “I’m happy that Gypsy is released. I’m glad she is finally able to experience life without being controlled and abused.” When asked if she thought Blanchard was a survivor or a murderer Licea said “I think Gypsy is a survivor. I don’t think if I was in her position how much of it all I could take either. I don’t blame her for acting the way she did. People that are put into severe environments tend to act out impulsively, even if it was planned out she had to suffer that type of lifestyle for many many years.”

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