Adin Ross Robbed On Live Stream

Playboi Carti Spoils His Fans excitement once again
Playboi Carti with Adin Ross on Kick live stream.

After the Grammys last Saturday night, February 4, popular live streamer Adin Ross tweeted out that he was paying Playboi Carti 2 million in cash and a Ferrari in order to get him on his livestream on Kick for one hour. If you are a fan of Playboi Carti, I’m sure you are assuming this will not end well. 

Playboi Carti is very well known for lying to his fans and not being a man of his word, so when he was 2 hours late to Adin Ross’s stream and then left after 5 minutes, no one seemed too surprised. The 5 minutes weren’t pretty. Carti showed up wearing a mask, sounding like he was high out of his mind, and the lighting in the room was dark so you could barely see him. He then just danced to his own music for a couple of minutes, answered Adin’s questions with nonsensical responses, took a big bag of cash from Adin Ross, and left. 

Adin Ross asks Carti, “Anything you can tell us (about the album)?” Carti shortly responds with, “Mind-blowing, my best. My very best. 2024. Once again, thank you for everything. You know, I wouldn’t be here without everybody. Thank you, again.”

These are not answers to his highly anticipated album, just more stalling and mysterious answers. Not worth paying 2 million dollars to hear the same stuff fans have been hearing for years.

This received some negative media attention for obvious reasons. Playboi Carti portrays himself as a jerk and someone who doesn’t care, but he basically just robbed Adin on his own Livestream and let down his entire fanbase once again. “I’m sorry to all you Carti fans bro,” a distraught Ross explained. “I’m really, really sorry. I tried bro. I f**king tried.”

It’s a messed up situation for Adin Ross. At the same time, it’s worth asking himself why he would pay money upfront to Playboi Carti of all people, instead of waiting until Carti did what they agreed upon before paying him the money. According to Ross, he didn’t pay him the full 2 million, but the point still stands he should have used better judgment when giving a substantial amount of money to someone with a bad track record of screwing people over. 

Playboi Carti wanting to play God and act like he is too cool to sit down and talk with Adin and his fans doesn’t rub off the right way on most people, especially when he was offered 2 million dollars and a luxury car. Since receiving backlash, Carti has apparently agreed to a second stream with Adin Ross, and to stay for the full hour to answer questions. Will this actually happen? It’s hard to say because it’s never a guarantee if it’s Playboi Carti. Assuming he is probably only doing this to restore his image, there is a decent chance he will appear back on stream with Adin. 

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