A whopper marketing strategy from Burger King

A gigantic inflatable crown installed on Walnut

A gigantic inflatable crown has been installed at the Burger King located at 1104 W 2nd Street in Chico, California.

Erected on December 23, this oversized crown is part of a new marketing strategy designed to draw in customers and highlight changes within the company.

Set to remain at this location until mid-January at most, the crown is expected to be moved to different Burger King stores after its stay in Chico.

Occupying several parking spaces, the crown is without a doubt a very notable feature at the 1104 W 2nd Street location. The thinking behind this marketing strategy is to hopefully catch the attention of passersby and local residents, encouraging them to revisit the fast-food chain.

The inflatable crown at Burger King’s Chico location is a creative marketing approach, something we at the Roadrunner know a thing or two about (maybe next semester we will get a gigantic inflatable Dash).

 As the iconic crown prepares to move to other locations, it is definitely worth a checkout, and maybe a side of fries with it.

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