Eat More Pasta

Studies Have Proved a Connection Between Spaghetti and Happiness
Eat More Pasta

Recent research has confirmed what many of us already know; pasta makes you happy.

According to a study published by The International Pasta Organization, there’s a clear positive emotional-cognitive response invoked by eating spaghetti.

A research team under the “Behavior and Brain Lab” at the Free University of Languages and Communication IULM, conducted a survey using brain tracking methodology similar to that of a lie detector to find that the triggered emotion is similar, if not superior, to watching a significant sporting victory or listening to your favorite track.

“Through this study, science has put itself at the service of emotions to certify that pasta and happiness are one,” says Vincenzo Russo, Professor of Consumer Psychology and Neuromarketing at IULM University, Founder and Coordinator of the Neuromarketing Behavior & Brain Lab IULM. The University’s research claims that this is due to not only the associated memories, but also nutritional value.

Rich in Vitamin B, tryptophan, and endorphin inducing carbs, pasta promotes absolute happiness. Tryptophan is the forerunner amino acid to serotine, Vitamin B is known to act as a muscle relaxer as well as serotine booster, and the sugar molecules in carbs send feelings of well-being to the brain.

President of the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food  Riccardo Felicetti commented on these findings, “People need to celebrate the happiness that sometimes resides in small things, like enjoying their favorite pasta dish.” Felicitti and his associates say pasta is “the best happiness/price ratio,” calling it the “chosen food of happiness.”

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Choose happiness, choose pasta.

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