The High-Profile Abuse of Ozempic

Hollywood’s Favorite Weight Loss Regime
The High-Profile Abuse of Ozempic

A new weight loss fad has taken Hollywood by storm. Ozempic is a pricey Type 2 diabetes treatment being misused by celebrities  to reduce appetite and promote weight loss at unnatural rates.

This isn’t the first drug to be abused in the name of a thin frame. Ozempic’s active ingredient semaglutide is similarly seen in alternative diabetic treatments such as Wegovy and Rybelsus, all with their own histories of high-profile misuse.

Treatments such as these are intended to target blood pressure regulation by artificially helping the pancreas produce more insulin. In doing so, a naturally occurring hormone is mimicked. As these hormone levels rise, the brain is prematurely told its full, consequently reducing or diminishing appetite.

In a diabetic body, Ozempic would harvest results by neutralizing blood pressure and reducing cravings. In a system that doesn’t need this regulation, the drug essentially works double fold. Users will experience extreme weight loss, averaging 5 pounds per month, or 54 per year.

Any approval or declared safety of Ozempic is based around trials consisting of diabetic patients, making the side effects on a healthy body widely unknown.

Because the drug essentially prolongs the amount of time food stays in the system, it comes with an array of common side effects. These include vomiting, stomach pain, intestinal blockage, and abdominal pressure. Long-term nerve damage has also been theorized as new research emerges. 

Ozempic is rumored to be more common in the upper-class than may be assumed. Many celebrities and public figures claim injections are handed out at parties, found in fridges, and usage is almost to be expected. Some have been transparent regarding their own use, speaking out or joking about the drug. Among these are Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Schumer, and Tracy Morgan. Unconfirmed speculation surrounds dozens more.

Medications such as Ozempic are not meant to be taken solely in pursuit of weight loss. The developing normalization of misuse is concerning to both societal standards, and personal health.


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