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Students’ thoughts on the end of the semester

While we all attend the same college, experiences vary.
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With the year quickly approaching its end, several students share their experiences with this school semester.


Berklee Fuller, a Butte College student, expressed mixed feelings regarding the end of her first semester. Citing that she’s “…very confused on what to do next,” and that her main decisions are finding a full-time job or picking out classes for next year.


On the flip side, Damian Camacho is anxious as he will be taking the next step in his college education, transferring to Chico State. He is proud of himself for getting all of his homework done, which has resulted in good grades.


He expressed that his day-to-day life has gotten a little repetitive. He only works on the weekends, but this has allowed spend his money wisely until the next paycheck.


Another student, Jasmine Ayala, had chosen to do half of her classes online and the other two in person, allowing her to be home more often. Her school-life balance is still a challenge, but she still managed to get her assignments done on time.


She went on to say that this semester’s workload wasn’t too bad, however, it was “..quite hard transitioning from high school to college-level work,”


As can be seen, these students have had vastly different experiences in the Fall 2023 semester.



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