Fake Podcast Snippets on Social Media 

The latest irritation in our digital lives.
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Designed to mimic real podcasts, fake podcast snippets can be found all over our TikTok and Instagram feeds.

 These short clips, designed to look like extracts from real conversations, are, in reality, not pulled from actual podcasts but instead are specially produced for your feed to push products, services, or one-sided views and generate likes and interactions. 

These clips are often so well-produced that they pass off as the real deal, making it tough to spot the fakes. 

 Sometimes the fake podcast snippet will go as far as to use deep fake AI technology so that it looks and sounds like well-known podcasts. 

This means that just because it looks like an established authentic source doesn’t mean that it is real. Joe Rogan and his podcast are common victims of the deep fake phenomenon, as many deepfake videos use Rogan’s face and aesthetic identity to promote their products without Rogan’s consent. 

It has got to the point that you can’t take any snippets at face value – a quick internet search can reveal if they’re genuinely from a podcast or just a clever scheme. 

To the creators of these fake podcast snippets: we get it, you want to sell something or make a point. But can you find a way to do it that doesn’t involve hijacking a format that’s meant for genuine dialogue and learning? 

So, the next time you come across one of these snippets, take a moment to question and verify its authenticity. 

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