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If you’re a big horror fan, the Sacramento Scream Park is not the place for you. While not exactly scary, the sets were awesome. Some were gory; others were intricately designed. A lot of the people’s costumes were good; they just weren’t scary. 

The staff were all very kind and funny. The lines, though, were long. Yes, they did have people spooking people outside and were playing videos about the park (explaining certain sets and even some horror trivia), but after standing there for about an hour and thirty minutes, the on-repeat videos got quite annoying.    

The spacing of groups needs improvement. There was about a 20-second wait before they sent us in behind the other group. Seeing them getting scared made the experience for us less scary. 

There was a total of four or five different locations; the very first one was Swamplands Hollow which, as you can guess, was plant themed. There were a few jump scares– a person came swinging from the trees and another guy came out of nowhere and started yelling. 

The Asylum was heavily based on animatronics rather than people. The people that were there simply walked screaming and telling people to go.

Cannibal Chaos was by far the coolest set. It was gory and the scares weren’t too bad. The people were in character, but it was also one of the shortest rooms to get through. 

The Haunted School House was fun, and funny because two of the staff were not even in character. To transition from one set to the other, people had to crawl through a fireplace.

Sinister Snacks was actually scary. The set-up was that visitors would be cooked at the end. One of the people was hiding under a table. Nothing happened to the front group, so I assumed there was nothing to worry about until suddenly I saw someone crawling on the floor.  I turned around I meet myself face-to-face with a door to the face. Next year, Sinister Snacks should become the longest experience because this year the fun was cut short. 

Overall I give the experience a 4/5 but the scares were only 1/5. 

If you’re not a big horror geek like me, you might find the park scary, but true fans won’t. The sets on the other hand, are worth the trip. They were all very cool.

My recommendations for next year:  add more actors instead of animatronics and make the experience more interactive (like crawling through the fireplace). It was still a fun experience if you wanna get out of the house on a weekend. 

Tickets start at 20$ per person and a picture of you and your group is 10$. Food and treats were available and they even had a vegan truck! Very inclusive and very fun.

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