Review: Cupcakke Concert

Picture from the concert, November 2023
Picture from the concert, November 2023

Back in the beginning of October, I was talking with a coworker who told me about Cupcakke coming to Chico. She’s not big but is mostly known for being very sexually explicit with her songs. So, of course, I went to go see her. 

Close to nine the crowd started randomly chanting for her as if she was going to appear. Around 9:30 the DJ transitioned into her song “Squidward Nose” and she came out! It was my first concert so I was yelling and singing what lyrics I knew. 

Everyone in the crowd was yelling and you could feel the bass dribble across the room. In her songs, she’s also known for moaning and something I didn’t know was that she MOANS IN PERSON. 

Halfway through the show she asked if someone was willing to give them their best moan. Cupcakke picked my friend, but my friend was so nervous that she couldn’t moan so YELLED into the mic instead. Cupcakke just looked disappointed and then the microphone was passed around to other people who managed to pull off the moan, loud and proud.

When the next song started, my friend asked for a second chance but Cupcakke smiled and mouthed “no.” 

Soon enough the concert ended and of course we wanted it to continue so we chanted “ONE MORE SONG” and sure enough, she gave us an encore. Overall, her stage presence was so good, she was looking at everyone and was overall kind. It was a great first concert experience but not one for kids.

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