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Avery Marcel Joshua Jones, better known as Kota The Friend, is a Brooklyn-born-and-raised rapper.  He released his debut album, Nappy Hour, in 2011, and with more than 10 albums under his belt, he has not slowed down since.
       From the start of his career, Kota committed to staying independent and has turned down offers from many major labels over the years, opting for a D.I.Y approach that would allow him to have more creative control over his craft.
       Kota’s commitment to independence, creativity, and social justice has earned him a devoted fanbase and positioned him as a leader and innovator within the alternative rap world. Kota’s music is recognized for its soulful nature and laid-back flow. His introspective approach to songwriting results in deeply personal lyrics that dive into the struggles of everyday life. Never shying away from painting vivid pictures with his words, Kota can connect with his listeners on a profound emotional level.

       His unique blend of vulnerability and social commentary solidifies Kota as one of the best lyricists in the world of alternative hip-hop. Kota’s work ethic is unmatched with two top-quality albums already put out this year and no signs of him slowing down. His most recent album, To See A Sunset, is a beautiful combination of chill beats and smooth lyrics. The album contains 10 songs and has an underlying theme of living in the
present and turning your dreams into a reality.

       Avery has used his platform to advocate for many social causes, including Black Lives Matter, police reform, and migrant rights. Kota also works to raise awareness of mental health issues, speaking openly about his battles with anxiety and depression.
      Kota demonstrates a commitment beyond making music. He has organized and participated in many events to help underprivileged communities in New York.
      Chill beats, good vibes, and meaningful lyrics that offer a constructive message are what Avery 
brings to the table. If you like the menu, Kota The Friend is the artist for you.

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