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The UFC is well known for holding world-renowned fights globally, including recent events in Singapore, France, and Australia, never failing to feature some of the best fighters currently in MMA.

The Singapore main event featured the battle between legendary fighters, Max Holloway, fighting out of Hawaii, USA, and Jung Chang-sung, well known as “The Korean Zombie,” fighting out of Seoul, South Korea. Both fighters are highly loved among fans, and among the best in their 145-pound weight division.

The highly anticipated fight lasted three out of the five-round fight. Throughout the fight, both Holloway and “The Korean Zombie” were extremely calculated with the strikes they were throwing, as well as their defenses, ensuring the fight would be a technical display of their fighting skill.

By the second round, Holloway got “The Korean Zombie” to the ground and attempted an anaconda choke. “The Korean Zombie” defended and came up into a single leg, before fully standing to begin striking again. The third round came and “The Korean Zombie” was throwing good hard shots, but Holloway was able to land a perfectly timed right over-hand, effectively ending the fight 23 seconds into the third round.

Both fighters displayed astounding sportsmanship and respect for one another, Holloway even going as far as helping “The Korean Zombie” up after the knockout and ensuring he was okay, saying to him “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” During the post-fight interviews, Holloway expressed his empathy for the Hawaiian town of Lahaina, which just recently experienced a devastating fire, barely focusing on his win, showing his selflessness.

During “The Korean Zombie’s” post-fight interview, he announced to the stadium and the world that this would be his final fight. Effectively retiring from the UFC after 16 years of fighting for various organizations, 12 of which being with the UFC. Undeniably “The Korean Zombie” had a long and very successful career, now he can spend his time focusing on his family and the rest of his life.






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